Thinker Statuettes


A set of three Thinker figurines, hand crafted with resin or resincrete. Available made to order in any color or finish you’d like.

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A set of three Thinker statuettes.

Hand crafted from either resin or resincrete, these figurines are conversation stoppers.

Pictured here are three variations, all available now. They can also be custom made using your choice of clear/colored resin or resincrete in whatever finish you’d like.

They’re sold as sets for $30, or you can purchase single figurines individually for $15 each. Just contact me for a custom order.

If ordering one of the available sets, please let me know which one you’d like. Or feel free to reach out with a custom order. I’m happy to make them to your specifications!

Currently available:

Set 1 – resin in copper & bronze

Set 2 – resin in gold and silver with red hearts

Set 3 – resincrete finished in metallic pink, blue and purple


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