About Nicole

My name is Nicole Sandler. I made all the artwork, refurbished projects and other creations you’ll find on this site. But if we had met before Covid ravaged the planet, I’d have told you I had no artistic talent or capabilities whatsoever.
Out of boredom from being housebound for months on end, In October of 2020, I ordered a “Watercolor Painting for Adults” book from Amazon and began painting. I quickly became bored with that and ordered a small set of acrylic paints and a canvas pad.

My day job is radio. Well, online radio and podcasting these days.

I’ve worked in radio since college, on both sides of the microphone, in both music and news/talk. In January of 2010, I was hosting a nightly show on Air America Radio. When the network shut down on January 21, 2010, I moved  my show online where I’ve been hosting a daily show ever since.

We stream both audio and video. So when I’d finish a new painting, I’d put it on the wall behind me where it was on camera too.

One day, a listener asked if I could paint her cat Buddy. Never having attempted that, I replied that I didn’t know, but I’d give it a shot. It came out better than I imagined!

Then another asked if I could paint her dog. After giving the same response, I tried again to even better results.

Thus began a new side-gig painting pet portraits!

I still take on pet portrait commissions, but my creative juices had begun flowing and different mediums were beckoning..  I started playing … “playing” being the operative word!

In late 2023, my husband and I moved from South Florida to the Phoenix, AZ area. We left most of our furniture behind, so I furnished our new home from yard and estate sales, thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace. I found some incredible pieces that just needed some TLC or refurbishing, so you may find some of those projects listed on this site as well.

I’m always up for a collaboration, so if you like my style but would prefer a custom piece with a particular color scheme, I’m open for commissions. I have a few window frames and mirrors ready to be transformed. Just click on the Custom Collaborative Commissions page to start exploring ideas.

And if you really want a pet portrait, I can do that too.

Thanks for looking!