Custom Pet Portraits

Before the pandemic hit, I spent my weekends volunteering at Broward County’s (FL) animal shelter. I walked and played with the dogs, and helped them find new humans.  That was until mid-March of 2020.  It was during those months of sheer boredom that I ordered a “How to Paint Watercolor” book for adults and began painting. I soon moved to acrylics, and haven’t looked back since!

My new hobby (and later-in-life newfound talent) developed. I’d post pictures of my paintings on social media. I started with sunrises and sunsets, usually over the ocean, and display my creations on the wall behind me in the studio while on-air.

One day, a listener wrote and asked if I would paint a portrait of her cat Buddy. Having never attempted anything like that, I said I’d try. And it actually came out pretty good!

Then an old friend asked if I’d try my hand at her dog Char.  (Buddy is the first of the paintings below, Char is the second.)

I spent the next couple of years painting quite a few pet portraits. Though I’ve since branched out and enjoy exploring many different mediums and ways of artistic expression, I still take on select custom pet portrait commissions.

If you’re interested in having me paint a portrait of your pet(s), please contact me so we can discuss the options.

In the meantime, here are a few of the portraits I’ve painted.